Mark Schwartz

I had numerous questions throughout the process of buying a new home. Mr. Cohen was able to explain each step of the process of buying a new home. He didn’t let me make the fatal mistake of buying something I couldn’t afford. I am very picky about where I live and I took a very long time (more than two years) to find what I want. He was there every step of the way and it was obvious that he wasn’t looking for a quick commission. Mr. Cohen is very knowledgeable regarding neighborhoods and how those neighborhoods would coalesce with my personality. He knew me better than I knew myself and prevented my from making rash decisions and offers. It later turned out that he saved me a lot of money and got me into a great neighborhood. (Bayside!!!) Even though I thought I was familiar with queens, I had no idea what neighborhood to live in. I was shopping by price and if I found a property that was too good to be true (it always was) he would point out that fact. He would see that I was skeptical of his opinion and he would indulge me anyway and show me around the neighborhood to let me make a decision. At one point we took a walking tour of a neighborhood until I was convinced that the neighborhood wasn’t right for me, another time while driving to a neighborhood, I exited the highway and reentered it in the other direction in mere minutes. My point is that even though he knew I wouldn’t like the neighborhood he would still indulge me and let ME make up my mind for MYSELF. He was my Sherpa for this mountain called real estate.

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